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East Indies Tea Company - Teas (Choose Your Flavor)

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All flavors shown are $2.79 per oz

Keeping Up With Kranberry

  • Mélange of dried coconut chips, cranberries and sparkling sugars


  • Rosehip shells, apple, blackberry, orange peel, strawberry pieces, jelly beans

Gingerberry Brew

  • Green tea with sweet and spicy ginger, tart cranberries and sparkling surgars

Earl Grey Crème de la Crème

  • Black tea with Bergamot Cream flavorings

Tropical Sunrise

  • Spice taste, ginger, cinnamon stick, apple bits, and orange peels

Apricot Peach

  • A fruit blend tea with an apricot peach taste. Hibiscus blossoms, apple bits, apricot bits and currants

Dragonfly Song

  • Rooibos tea. Lemon and mint taste with spearmint leaves

East Frisian

  • A black tea blend from Assam, India and Ceylon, Sri Lanka creating the perfect morning tea with a malty spice taste

English Breakfast

  • The most British of tea blend

Earl Grey

  • Black Tea with Bergamot taste and flavoring


  • Black tea with a coconut taste, almond, coconut flakes, and cinnamon bits


Raspberry Min
  • A herbal tea with raspberry mint taste, apple bits, hibiscus, blackberry, peppermint, raspberry leaves and sunflower blossoms
Decaf Earl Grey
  • Bergamot taste
Mid Summer Night Dream
  • Green and black tea with a strawberry mango taste, pineapple bits, papaya bits, and sunflower blossoms

Back Porch Blend

  • Raspberry orange taste, black tea with raspberry bits and orange peels

Ms. Grey

  • Green tea with rose petals and spearmint flavor

Green Mate

  • Mate that has not yet been roasted.

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